Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What do you do during the day?

Okay, from past posts, I have realized I'm not in touch with "what to do." Background: I was raised on TV. We never ate at the dinner table, we ate in front of the tv. My family lived in a series of places where they made no effort to know the neighbors and, basically, this seemed normal to me. So I had no neighborhood kids to play with and lead a fairly insular life. Later, in high school, I started the party thing. In my 20's, I tried a million outdoor activities, none stuck. And now, I am addicted to tv again, when I am not working. But this is not working for me. I feel like I am missing something. And it's experience. I can reel off millions of television and movie moments, but I have a hard time pointing to an event in my own life from the past 15 years.

So I sit here, trying to figure out what to do. What do I do? I could go out, but where? I could take a walk, but why? This feels ridiculous. I am actually searching on the web for normal people's schedules. I mean it, I am at a complete loss.

Okay, so I am going to try to figure this out. Oh, if you would like to tell me what you do with your day, I would love to hear it.


Aimee said...

I think we all have things from our childhood that have created deficiencies and as we get older er contemplate more about these issues and have a desire to correct them. I suggest joining some type of group where interaction is on a regular schedule and where you will meet a cross-section of individuals. Don't be discouraged. We are all dealing with something and frequently those that appear to "have it all together" are fighting the largest demons and do not have the guts to admit it.

Quirky said...

Good for just saying that you want something different. The tv thing is hard. My partner and I eat dinner in front of the television, but we just instituted a Sunday night dinner. So, we eat at the table on Sunday nights - with candles and such. Joining a group or taking a class is good - like aimee suggested. And going for a walk might seem weird, but I bet you'll feel better afterward. Check the local paper to see what's going on in your area and head to it. Or invite someone to go, and you'll be less likely to change your mind at the last minute and sit at home watching tv.

Eliza said...

Thanks aimee and quirky. I think with moving to new state, I am going to be able to jettison a lot of the work that has been taking up a lot of time recently. Then I am going to look into salsa dancing. And bridge or poker. Hopefully.