Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Increasing time devoted to school

I am not altering my schedule to increase time allotted for school. My reading is picking up speed and I think I am beginning to brief faster. But I have to start outlining this week, primarily because I didn't realize how scattered some of my notes have become.

Nine weeks until finals begin:
Week 1: First, catch up from the illness (almost done). Next, go through notes and make sense of them. May need to compare notes with a few people. Finally for this week, set up the "bones" of the outlines.

Week 2: Time to put a lot of time into the outlines. But I would like to see some examples of good ones. I am a little lost at how much information is important, I mean how much info regarding cases do you include?

Week 3: By the end of this week I should be caught up with the outlines and beginning maintenance phase. Of course, the big legal writing project is due sometime around this time.

Week 4: Now is the time to get exams. Not take any, just get them.

Week 5: Have I been using the flashcards? Do I have the flowcharts?

Week 6: Keeping up, doing practice questions, flashcards, flowcharts

Week 7: At some point between 6 and 7 take some practice exams. Then take the answers apart.

Week 8 and 9: Get the outlines into the old memory. Just keep reading, using mnemonics and flashcards.

Exam weeks (we have about 2 weeks of exams).

Whether or not I actually do any of this, I feel better for having put it out there.

Is that stupid?


Monique said...

Not at all stupid, I think it helps to focus you if you get off track.

Eliza said...

If I remember to read it, I stay on focus : )

I think it's great that you are going to law school, by the way. I know a few people going into JAG after school and it sounds pretty cool. Of course I may be far too influenced by television.

Hope you are able to do the LRAP programs. And you are a better person than I. I toyed with the idea of part-time, but I couldn't find a job that would be okay with the school part.