Sunday, November 4, 2007

To balance, the good side of law students

This week, I have seen numerous people bend over backwards to help others. I am in a study group that has been wonderful about sharing notes. Someone I barely know emailed a friend of his who happened to be a judge in the area I am interested in and asked if I could contact him

* The girl who stood next to the coke machines and bought the girl in front of her a soda when the girl at the machine didn't have any cash
* The guy who asked if the guy next to him wanted his outline for a class the second person was having problems in.
* The three women (of the young set) that told me I looked great one day when I felt truly awkward in my suit
* Asking a woman to attend a lunch with an attorney in a field that the invitor knows the woman is interested.

I want to think the best of people and this week was a stellar week to see how people can be at their best. Call me naive, call me Pollyanna, but I can't stand thinking everyone is out for themselves.

So to the women that made the shitty comments: You will not taint my perceptions of law school any longer.

Oh yeah, outlines are a pain in the ass.

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