Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still having some motivation problems

But I am going to alter my attitude. Instead of bitching about law school, I am going to spend the next 8 weeks smiling and loving being here. I know it's difficult and it's fun to rant about all of the things that are wrong with it. But I think all of this bitching has gone bone deep for me.

Also, I am going to try to keep forefront in my mind the reasons I am here. (1) I grew to really dislike my previous job and (2) I wanted a new challenge that carried more benefits. And a small part of my decision, to allow my DH time to write.

So, if you see someone in the halls smiling widely and talking about the joys of law school, please don't hit me.


Chickpea said...

You motivated me with this post.. instead of wallowing in my own worries of Civ Pro, outlining, job hunting, and perfecting my cover letter, I'm going to try my best to smile.

I'm not sure if I can talk about the joys of law school though!

Eliza said...

oh, but this was before we got our last grade. Which sucked. And I am not talking about getting an A- when I expected an A+.

I guess my motivation and fake-it-til-you-make-it attitude adjustment is going to be sorely tested for the rest of the semester.