Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interviewing and new 1L's

I have had interviews as of late. Take that top 50% of the class. HAHAHAHA, we bottom of the class are people too. Okay, I think I have gone completely wonky.

But more interesting, I am in the library during orientation. Crap, I thought that started tomorrow. Nope, today. Was I ever that happy? Or excited? Or well rested? I just hope my ghastly visage has not scared the poor students. A few looked at me a little funny as I sucked down iced coffee after iced coffee (I get them in 3's so I don't have to leave).

I was thinking about weighing in on the 1L advice. But don't really think anyone including myself has anything to offer. Everyone has to find their own stride and everyone has to deal with their own ego hits. Even those in the top 10 % have to deal with the fact of not getting every issue. Even they go home at night, a little hurt, a little scare...Oh who the hell am I kidding, jackasses have it made.

Signing off...lock me up please.

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