Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flip flops

There is a special circle of hell for those people that insist on wearing flip flops in the library and then insist on walking around in seemingly meandering circles. If the item was more substantial, I would consider beating a few of these folks with their own ff's.

Making the choice to be in a special part of the library that is tomb-like was supposed to represent nirvana to me. And now my lovely haven has been sullied by ff's, cell phones (person now likely thinks I am a true byatch as I absolutely pointed out their jackassedness), and the inability for people to simply set things on a table. One person literally dropped three massive books from about a foot above the table that resounded throughout the floor. She looked up all cute and sheepish, whispering "sorry." {screaming in my head}

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Lawful Lady said...

Ah yes, noise in the library. I find it obnoxious as well. At my school we have the loudest librarians in the world. They yell across the room to each other. It's awesome.