Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long hours makes me fat and pimply

So those of you that know me or read this, know I am already overweight, well fat. But my weight had started going down over the summer. Now I am struggling to hold on to the loss and expand (subtract) on that. But my office is against me, they are all against me.

Candy in all the offices.

Doughnuts in the kitchen.

Pizza to help us get through the evening. Or sandwiches. Or chips. Or greasy Chinese.

I feel gross. I feel tired and not from overwork. I feel ick.

How do the attorneys in my office stay so trim, fit, clear-eyed, and well, clear skinned? How do they eat well and seem never to be all that tired?

And how is it that I can be this smart (don't laugh, my mom told me I was smart) and still eat crap, ignore exercise and ignore my health. That's the conundrum. When you look at the statistics, I should be thin, healthy and athletic. Well-educated combined with career choices. But nnnnnooooooo.

To work long hours, really put those hours in the billable column, I need to have a radical change in attitude. Your health is so important. And being older, I can't just function on adrenaline, coffee and cigarettes any more (no worries, I don't smoke any more).

And my skin looks like hell.

Yes, I am shallow. My skin bothers me more than the burgeoning heart attack.


Michael said...

Maybe suggest starting a healthy-snacks-only policy? :-)

Eliza said...

I wish, but (1) I have no power in the office and (2) at least 3 attorneys would freak!

I have two attorneys near me that are in great shape, yet are candy junkies :)