Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working Through Molasses

Is it possible to repair an impression?

I have found that I am slow. I take forever to get research done. It's a remnant from being a researcher and feeling the need to make sure all avenues are investigated. No one said anything, my hours are fine, but I heard a bit from a secondary source. And so I talked to a couple of people. And sure enough, there is a feeling that I take too long for research.

So now I have to repair my reputation. Is it possible to alter this impression? Any advice would be appreciated.

And I know I am a first year, all first year's are slow, etc. But this is beyond that. At least two people have told me that they were reticent about giving me a project (even though they did) because of the time I take.



Brittany said...

I think a skill that most employers appreciate is the ability to accept constructive criticism, and then change your behaviors accordingly. So, it is entirely possible to change your reputation, so long as you are changing the way you research to be more efficient.

Think back on the research you have done, and at what point you stopped being effective and finding new information, and instead were just going in circles or chasing irrelevant trails. Those are the times you need to learn to stop. It will be a learning process, but it will probably show in your work sooner than you think!

Good luck!

Eliza said...

Thanks Brittany, that sounds like a good plan to implement.

JD-Maybe said...

Personally, when I am given research tasks I am super slow also. I think my problem is that I don't quite "get" what legal theory they are expecting me to attack the issue with. So what I suggest is that you spend more time thinking about how you will attack it and less time researching BS. Just like a law school exam.

Eliza said...

@JD-Maybe. Sounds like good advice. I think I spend far too much time kicking over rocks and not enough time figuring out what I am really researching.