Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Avid posters

I doubt I will be like the many people I see/read who post every day. I want to get to a point where I post a few times a week, maybe write about certain issues or thoughts.

But I am being pulled in a different direction also. I wanted to talk about so many different things, yet I feel the need to also talk about purses, shoes, and hair products. Maybe because of a site I love (Dizzy; I will try to link later). I love reading her posts.

I am torn, but I think a balance can be reached. I think she has. If you read her posts, numerous entries discuss real issues (law school, being taken seriously, and many other issues). But I read comments and people treat her like a stereotype. Didn't she take the LSAT? Get into law school? Have a career prior to law school? Her posts, along with commenters from that school, helped me to decide not to attend a certain law school.

Anyway. I want it all; shoes and intellectual discourse. Ya know, like Dizzy does it.

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