Monday, July 7, 2008

Before the next post on Career

I got a comment on the last post. So why is it that Career Service offices seems to only work for the top 10 to 25%? Is it really their fault or is it that this business is truly only geared to the top 10 to 25%? The question that employers and career service people should be asking is whether grades are a predictor of success.

So are grades a predictor of success in the legal field? I am curious to find this out. Does anyone know of studies that have examined this in any quantifiable way?

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3L Wannabe said...

I for one hope the answer is no, CSO doesn't only work for the top ten to twenty-five percent. I am in that lucky group, but most of my best law school colleagues are not, and they probably know more than I do about most of the law.