Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Researching firms

There are a number of ways to research a law firm. I have started by making a large spreadsheet. The headings are something like the following

Name of firm Number of offices What Cities Number of Attorneys by Office Hiring partner Recruitment attorney Attorneys from Alma Mater (law school) AM (undergrad) AM (grad school)

After every attorney column, there are headings with Contact/email or phone Date of contact sent Scheduled a meet (y/n) Follow up

This and more information can be obtained directly from most law firms websites. If the law firm does not have a website there are directories of attorneys. I have not gotten that far yet.

I plan to be obsessive-compulsive about this. I will have a job for next year and next summer. Grrr.

NEXT POST: Using online tools to their maximum advantage.

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