Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to expect from being a first year associate...first 3 weeks

Day 1 - oh god, no one is giving me work. So few people have stopped by to say hello, I must be going to be shoved out soon.

Day 2 - AAAAAAAAA, I totally f'ed up that motion, good lord, they are going to fire me.

Day 3 - Wut? Busy, busy busy

Day 4 through 19 - busy busy busy.

First weekend, at the office, panicking because I have no idea what I am doing. I have to be committing legal malpractice. Okay, they are actually reviewing everything, not just tossing me in. Oh wait, no one is telling me what I am doing wrong...wait, no really, you, wait up, what did I do wrong...all of it? Oh, okay. Thanks for the feedback.

Second weekend, in a complete coma on the couch, crap I really have work to do, I should get to that, dear god let me just nap.

First 2.5 weeks in a nutshell. I LOVE IT.

And you are never, ever going to hear me say I wish I was back in law school. I love this, I am learning and putting all this to work and really DOING something. I don't care how busy I am, this is oh so much better than school. Excuse me, I need sleep.

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Melbourne Lawyers said...

Great to know that you are enjoying. Life could get a little too busy, but hey it's all good. I remember when I was younger. I used to think I was useless, doing nothing. However, a few days went by and boom! Not complaining though. In fact, I loved every moment of it. lol. Cheers!