Thursday, May 10, 2007

The legal job market...What do they want?

I am probably beginning to think about this far too soon, but I am curious about what law firms want. Are grades paramount? Is it the school that gets a person their job?

I will be attending a top 20 law school, but is that good enough. I don't even know what a T14 is. And are these classifications real? And I am already beginning to fear the grading system. It sounds so arbitrary. Don't dump. Issue-spotting. But make sure to weigh all of the possibilities. But don't add detail that isn't specifically pertinent. Rule #1: DO NOT READ THROUGH THESE BOOKS UNTIL AUGUST. All I am doing now is scaring myself.

I have been paying more attention to court cases though. I kind of like reading the opinions, but the ones I have come across recently have been fairly easy to get through. I have seen some that I couldn't understand the first sentence. So soon, I will be wedded to a legal dictionary.

I hope this blog gets more interesting. I can't wait for Harry Potter (movie and book).

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