Sunday, June 8, 2008

Have I made a terrible mistake? So much for grades not defining me.

Spring semester grades are out. Not quite as bad as fall, but not really much of an improvement. I am still in the bottom 25% of the class.

So, should I quit and get a job in a laboratory? Or tough it out and hope for the best? I want to talk to career services about this but, in the 3-4 visits I have made, the only advice I have been given is "network." Literally, the only advice. Without names of alumni that are in the same area of law. So I have no idea if I should continue.

Why is there little information about what to do when you are at the bottom of the class? And does this mean that I am dumb? I sure do feel rather stupid. I mean over the course of one year, I could not figure out the key to taking an exam. I am feeling utterly humiliated, stupid, and ashamed. I am not very sure I want to keep going if by the end by whole identity will be destroyed.

Well, I have 3 months to think about it and try to find another job.


ImNobody said...

Big ((Hugs)) back at you...

Grades don't define us, at least, not once we get over this hump. Grades are the things we talk about as successful alumni, martini in hand and exuding self-deprecating charm, while our adoring audience looks on in disbelief. Her? But she's good at everything!

Also- you've got the always-sexy 'scientific skills' addition to your resume. That helps...chemistry always flummoxed me.

Hang in there!

divine angst said...

I'll agree with imnobody. If you can, for instance, pass the patent bar within the next year or so, you can become insanely more marketable. Even if you don't want to do patent licensing, passing the patent bar also makes you more attractive for doing patent litigation or even soft IP (a lot of firms just have one department doing intellectual property, so they'd rather have a patent attorney in that group doing copyrights in case the occasional licensing matter comes up).

Silly Little Law Student said...

Don't worry, your grades certainly do not define you or even where you'll go when you finish law school.

Because of my grades after my first semester (and eventually after my first year) I didn't even bother to walk into career services (and I still haven't).

After 4 semesters I'm now in the bottom 10% of my class, but because of sheer luck right after my 1L year, I have what a lot of other people don't.... a paying job post-graduation.

You can do it too!

I don't want to give away my exact location on a blog, but email me ( and if you're close to my area of the Midwest I might be able to hook you up with a job or at least a few leads if you're interested.

Butterflyfish said...

Career services at my school gives that advice to everyone out of the top 10%, and is equally helpful (read not at all) witht he actual networking. How I did it -- looked at law firms with websites. Found lawyer/ recent alum. Emailed with questions. Developed phone / email relationship. Got interview. Got summer job. Maybe post-summer employment?

As to whether you should stick it out... make the call after July 31 unless they want all the $$ before then. Gove yourself time. It was a big leap to enter. You don't want to leave without giving it as serious a thought.

Eliza said...

I swear, I would have walked out without the support of the Blawgers out there. You guys are awesome!