Saturday, June 14, 2008

Over the next year...

I have decided that I am not letting grades beat me. If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me, I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch.

Why did I come to law school?
I came here to combine science with something else interesting
I wanted to move into a career that was a bit more stable with fewer hours

There were other reasons.

I started this blog to help me sort things out and that is exactly what it will do. Over the next year, I am going to get to know people in the field I am interested, work for professors, work to increase my grades, and try to find a part-time job in a law office during the year.

This blog is going to help me and, just maybe, when someone searches the web for bad grades and law school, it might help them too. Or not.

Thanks to all those out there that helped me put this in perspective.


Virgin In The Volcano said...

I soooo know what you're going through. Nothing like being a mediocre 1L with a pulverized ego. And I'm terrified of hitting the job market this fall. I'm afraid that when interviewers ask why my grades are low, I'll answer truthfully: I don't know.

3L Wannabe said...

You rock. Way to get up on top of the bullshit and find what you need to make YOUR dream happen.

Eliza said...

Again, you folks are great. I feel better about the world.

JaneSmith said...

I know I appreciate the fact that you post - I just went through and read a good deal of your archives. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope that things improve for you.