Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad days are outnumbering good

Yikes. I am having a lot of bad days. Just when I get to the point where I think I am not so tired, I start flagging by 2 o'clock. Fatigue is not simply the craving for sleep, it's that dragging feeling that saps your motivation to do ANYTHING, even fun things. And if not dealt with, it can easily begin to morph into depression. Luckily, I usually can avoid that.

Fatigue is a weird thing. You think to yourself, I just need a little more sleep. But then after a night where I was actually able to get almost 10 hours, I am still fuzzy in the brain.

Most fatigue can be fixed fairly simply. Causes include poor nutrition, little exercise, or stress. You have to hope it's one of these, because if it's an underlying medical problem, doctors will be chasing their tails trying to find the cause. Medical conditions can be anything, from as simple as an underlying infection to something far more serious and difficult to find, like MS.

Well, I can't go to my doctor. She has not been exactly helpful. Any time I have mentioned fatigue, all she says is, You are getting old, You are in law school, It's normal. Even though the one time she acquiesced to me getting blood work, turns out it was an underlying infection. Antibiotics...10 days later...Felt so much better.

So the first step is to get back to decent eating. Nutrition, fit in the 5 vegies and 2 fruits, etc.

Ugg, hopefully this week will get better.

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