Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am a foodie

I love food porn. I watch tons of cooking shows. I love trying new restaurants. But THIS year, I am going to become the goddess in the kitchen. I have decided I need a hobby, something really constructive. I have tried a number of things that haven't stuck, but this year, definitely food. I mean I am obsessed with it in all aspects of my life, except in the kitchen.

Now once I move (soon to be discussed here), I will be limited in the whole cooking by being at my parents. They are sensitive to "strange smells." That's what they call anything that deviates from plain meat and boiled vegetable (is it becoming clear why I am a food freak?). So I have to compile a list of recipes that they will not object to, some things that taste fabulous while also being fairly innocuous. And I will be limited in kitchen stuff. I don't believe there has ever been a sharp knife in my mother's kitchen. Plus she has very little counter space (not a kitchen person, my mom). These are all things that can be overcome with a few purchases and a little ingenuity.

If anyone has suggestions on recipes for simply dishes, I would greatly appreciate it. This blog may remain legal in nature, but it is going to take on a decidedly food bent!

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