Friday, July 2, 2010

Questionable Exam

ARRRGGGG. Okay, I know it's no big deal, most folks fail the practice MBE. Yep, I did a stellar dive. Don't want to discuss it, not pretty, nothing to see here. That alters the next 3 weeks.

Anywhoo, I am driving to the city where I am taking the bar exam. People, especially husband, thinks I am insane. You see this drive is approximately 20 hours. Yes, you read that correctly.

Why drive? One main reason, flying makes me nervous in good times. But from one experience, I have found that if I am stressed out over something, flying becomes a nightmare. That wouldn't be a big deal on a nonstop or even a one-stop flight. But noooo, that would be right. Because of the limitations I have (my husband insisted that I use the free ticket), I would have to have 3 layovers. Yeah, idiotic.

AND I love to drive. I absolutely love it, getting out there, putting on some music or book on tape or even a Bar Bri lecture, I have fun on the road. And by making this one little change, drive instead of fly, I spend my days really looking forward to this trip! Took a lot of stress out of my days.


Michael said...

Nah, you should fly! Just take some dramamine! :p

Eliza said...

Michael :)

I would, but now am kind of locked into driving. I can't tell you how the stress of thinking about flying just melted away! I was spending so much time obsessing. But it's all good. I got a rental car (so covered if a break down occurs), I have a large window of time for any unintended issues happening, and I have a cooler that I am going to fill with all kinds of tasty and nutritious foods (don't want the road food feeling).

Michael said...

Sounds like you've got it all well-planned at least. Still, rather you than me! :p

Make sure you've got some good tunes to listen to on the way! :-)

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

20 hours??? I hope you're leaving a few days early! You'll need some major recovery time. Good grief...I cannot of luck!