Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How do you stop panic?

By now, I expected to be doing better on Barbri tests. I have gotten worse. Where I was acing contracts, I am now lucky to get 2 in 5 right. Torts, yeah, not so good. I am terrified to try any more essays. I am at the point where I want to give up. Just say, I can't do this. I don't want to take this test and fail. I would rather, right now, simply give up.

What do you guys do to control this or at least vent it? I have tried meditation, exercise, and, yes, a drink. And the horrible and continued berating going on (you should have started sooner, you should have kept up better, you should have...).

12 more days, just 12 more days.


Butterflyfish said...

1. New lay out is cute.
2. Stop panicking. If truly nothing is working and you're paralyzed by panic, consider seeing a doc. I recall you've had anxiety/depression issues in the past.
3. We're all rooting for you. We're not judging you or thinking of the things you should have done differently. We could all do it differently, better in hind sight. Fuck it. Get it done now.

Eliza said...

1. Thanks!

2. I think the major part is over. I got more sleep and when I woke up I felt sooo much better. And I stopped trying to do so many flashcards which was slowing me waaayyyy down. I ordered an online package for the state I am taking it and it has relieved some tension (I will check to make sure they are right).

3. Knowing that so many people are going through this, have gone through this and are out there to say it's okay, makes me feel better.

Fuck it, I am getting it done now.

Anastasia said...

I flipped my shit so many times in the days leading up to and yes, even during the evenings of the actual exam.

It's completely normal. Take a break when you need to. Go back to it once you've calmed down. I think mentality is half of the exam.

When you take the actual MBE, answer the question, and then move the heck on. Once you put down an answer, get the question out of your head. You have NO idea how you are really doing even if you think you are bombing the hell out of it. I almost didn't go back for the third day of the exam because I was CONVINCED that I'd royally f-ed up the MBE. In the end, I had a score higher than my practice tests, just above the national average score, and enough to pass.

You don't have to get an A. You DON'T have to know it all. You just have to pass.