Friday, July 30, 2010

In 14 days...

I need to clean, dump extraneous clothes and other personal items, pack the entire house, get my SS card and passport, take the animals to the vet, have someone come in to do some repair work and look at putting in washer and dryer in the apartment, change our address for all our stuff (with exceptions), prep for the guy taking care of the house, take the car in for an overhaul, schedule a moving van and helpers, get boxes, clear out some of the garden, cut down the bushes in the back, rewrite the lease, say good-bye to friends, schedule new service in new town, sell some things on Craigslist (do I sell the giant elliptical that is really awesome but in a really awkward the back of a VW), take books to be sold, start studying for the Patent Bar, get my hair cut/colored, drive two days with a UHaul, my car, and screaming freaked out animals, entertain and reject the idea of a mani/pedi, cook, lose weight, and walk on water.

All this and more in 14 days...14 glorious non-Barbri days. I plan to enjoy each and every moment in which I do not have to open a barbri book or listen to a lecture or flash cards at my face. I plan to have drinks in the middle of the day, while packing. Listen to loud music and dance around the house. I will hug my vet and say how glad I am that he is not a law prof. I am giddy, I tell you giddy. And if that f***ing exam f***'s this up by not passing me...well, needless to say I will be upset.

Is it terribly awful to say "needless to say?" I mean if it is needless, then it need not be said, right? So why use the phrase at all, because if you say it, more than likely, unless you are conversing with telepaths, it needed to be said, at least you needed to say it. Am I wrong about this?

How out of the loop am I? I just saw "It's Complicated" tonight. The netflix movie has been sitting on my shelf for about 2 months.

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