Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yeah, that previous post on getting through panic

Not so much. I am not in the fetal position, but DH turned on the TV last night (I study in the dining room which is open to the TV room) and you would have thought he just kicked my cat across the room. We compromised. He turned the sound down as far as he could without lip reading, I moved my chair so I couldn't see it and put in ear plugs. Oh happy day. I wish I could disable the damn thing.

So while I am not FREAKING, I am freaking.

And I am with NB, if one more person attempts to assure me that I will have no problem passing the bar exam I will yank their spine from their body ala Predator.

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ImNobody said...

Aww. True story: I am staying at home during this experience (BAD CHOICE), and yesterday, I had to get up and quietly walk around the block, because I realized that the sound of my mother's chewing was making me homicidally insane.

Almost there. Hang in there!