Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life sucks, how are you?

I am failing all my practice tests. I can't seem to remember anything from day to day. And I am within inches of a meltdown of epic proportions, which will likely be triggered in the grocery store, in my living room, or in another store of some kind. I think it will likely be public and I fear for the safety of any person that is confronted with a raging, crying, sobbing, psycho that I will become.

So, how's your day?


ImNobody said...

DUDE. Me too.

I totally cried to the grocery checker yesterday. If someone asks me "how it's going" one more time, I will lose it.

My bar passing friends assure me that this is normal. Hang in there!

Eliza said...

Well, it happened a little. I got bitched at by a teller and broke down in the middle of the thing. She freaked.

God, I can't do this again. If I don't pass, that's it, I am runnin' for the border.

Virgin In The Volcano said...

I cried on the phone with Apple Care.

adele said...

I think any bar exam candidate who isn't within inches of a giant meltdown... isn't a bar exam candidate.

I've been snapping at everyone, and I've started fantasizing again about dropping my phone into the Charles River.

Eliza said...

@Virgin - almost did the same with the tech guys at school.

@adele - my poor DH has gotten a fair share of bitch for no reason.

Good story. One particular person that has been Pollyanna about the whole exam experience (kept up with all the barbri stuff, had a smile, even said it wasn't as bad as she thought) called me last night to tell me (and laugh) about a run in with a school admin person. She went by to talk about something. The person in question was being a little difficult (he is known for this). She said something internal just snapped. She ended up both yelling at him and berating him for his uselessness. But she didn't stop there, she marched into the Dean's office and set out all of her complaints about this particular guy. At the end, she apologized for busting in, but as a person about to take the bar exam she felt she didn't have to put up with this shit. I am still laughing.

just jenn said...

i'm late to this party, but i called the ex slightly hysterical at 1 am because one of "our" cats peed on my barbri materials. i cannot wait to mail those books back.

for the record, she was gracious about the mid-night interruption. less gracious about future plans for the cat. :)

and my wrinkled barbri papers just smell like oxy-clean to the nth degree now.