Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I like, I really like it

When I forget being tired or pissed off about being confused or I don't talk to a couple of people for a few days, I realize that I really like law school. I like the thinking involved and the logic, no matter how stretched. I even like Civil Procedure (it's not love, just like).

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Justice Moustache said...

The first year can be a crazy range of highs and lows. There were days when I got frustrated and felt doomed b/c I didn't understand some case in Contracts that everybody else seemed to get; then the next day I'd get called on and nail a question that three other people couldn't answer.

That rollercoaster comes with the territory, but just remember that when you sit down before exams to review your outlines, it all comes together and you'll shcok yourself with how much you understand everything.

I too liked (and still like) law school. I think people just assume you're supposed to bitch and moan every chance you get, but the reality is that it's a tremendous privilege, we're learning a ton of interesting crap, and hell, we just might even make a few bucks when we're done.

Good luck!