Friday, September 28, 2007

Review of "Moonlight" or how CBS can so disappoint me

Vampire show, I'm on board. I even used to watch this horrible late-night show called Forever Knight.

But this show, a show that could have rocked, just blew chunks.

Add a bunch of stupid monologues by a brooding vampire, a female reporter that has no depth or change of expression, sprinkle with one of the worst scripts out there, and let sit for an hour. And you wind up with Moonlight. Oh, and I forgot about the ridiculous backstory connecting male vampire to female reporter. And steal the crazy female vampire character from Buffy.

The show begins with the lead character being interviewed, which of course...well, I won't give away the surprise, though it's a dumb one. What ever happened to allowing (1) characters to develop over the course of multiple episodes and (2) answer questions that need to be answered through action. He can't be killed by sunlight, just put him in the freaking sunlight. Not combusting will clue the freakin' audience in.

I usually will watch anything having to do with vampires. But I am not watching this piece of shit.


Anonymous said...

Moonlight is a wonderful show. I like Alex O’Loughlin in this show. He is my favorite actor. I also like his acting as well. And the storyline of this show is superb.

Eliza said...

Umm, well to each his/her own. I didn't enjoy the show, the acting or the plot line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Me and my sister Watch Moonlight Online. We both are big fan of this show. Really good show with great story.