Sunday, November 1, 2009

Call it anything you want...I got senioritis.

I laughed when I heard 3L's talk about it. Seems silly right? We are all grown-ups here?

But I try to put in the hours and I find myself staring at this stuff thinking, I am never going to use this (I know that now) so why do I care so much. Is it noble to study for the pleasure of learning? I am winning zero nobility awards.

Back to Tax. Yeah, right. What's on Hulu?


Virgin In The Volcano said...

Are you kidding me? I don't have time for slacking this semester. And believe me, I want to slack. I can be the slackiest when given the chance. I've got pretty much no chances right now though. I can't believe how much more work I have now than as a 1L.

Eliza said...

And you have outlined the absolute worst part of third year. I want to slack so much. I want to avoid everything. BUT I have more work than I ever had before and CAN'T. So frustrating!!!

Eliza said...

Now I am sure it's burnout, not senioritis.