Friday, November 20, 2009

Employment numbers - Law School Edition

There is no where that you can find the break down of employment numbers from universities (that I can find). I cannot believe that I didn't look at this prior to going to law school. I merely looked at the employment rate and thought "gee, that's pretty good." Oye, what an idiot! So bartenders count? Yep. How about housecleaning? Yep. Anything that you are being paid for counts as employment. Isn't this skirting the edge of fraud? I mean, when people look at these numbers, aren't they assuming that it's LEGAL employment? Shouldn't there be a warning label of some kind?

What can be done?


kiran said...

how far along are you? and what school?

Eliza said...

top tier school and last year. i have a job, if you are curious.

Dennis said...

And it's only based on reported information too. How many students walk up to the career center and say "Gee, by the way, I'm unemployed."

Anonymous said...

Bartender? For real?

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