Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it possible

that I am just not going to be happy until I graduate? I think that's the issue. I need to get out and get back to the workforce. I think the three years of not going to work is wearing on me. I know that there are numerous unprofessional people in the "real world." But I can handle that. Working around people is fairly easy. Adapting to others is also fairly easy. What I hate is the competition that is meaningless. Okay, some may say that I hate school because I wasn't as successful as others. And on some days, I believe that. But then I look back to when I did well in school (Ph.D., etc.). I hated school then.

I can't wait to get out. And if ANYONE ever suggests that I go back to school, I am going to hit them.


(In)Sanity Gal said...

Hang in there. You are certainly not alone in those feelings. I take comfort in working lawyer's promises that working in the law is better than law school.

Eliza said...

Most of the lawyers I know have said that they much prefer working over school. Well, except for a few that I suspect didn't have the grades to be professors (silly system, they would be great).

But I have been lied to before (you'll have no problem getting a job for your first summer; second summer; in this state).

Anastasia said...

By the end of law school I really wanted to work because I felt like I'd spent three years being 'unproductive.'

I really enjoy that when I study some type of law now it's for a business purpose rather than my report card. It feels like it has more value in some way. I also like that I get paid for doing it rather than having to pay to do it.

That being said, some days I really miss not being able to take a day off at my leisure and sit on an outside patio drinking wine and reading literature for hours.

Eliza said...

Anastasia, that is something I will miss. I remember what it was like to have non-negotiable deadlines that had more than a grade riding on it. I need to remember that my time IS flexible right now and take advantage of it.