Sunday, August 19, 2007

And the countdown begins...

Okay, we have moved...check
We are unpacked...good enough
I have my office set up...not exactly

I had my purse stolen out of my house by some jackass that slit my screen door and walked in while I was home and never even knew s/he was here...check

Yes, not only am I dealing with all the things that I haven't gotten completed in the last 3 weeks, but now I get to wonder if someone is out there ruining my credit. Because my purse was packed for the next day, in other words it had a lot of documents that can be really useful in the identity theft game. So I have been frantically trying to figure out what to do about the many documents, credit cards (cancel), bank account (alter), and passport. My social security card was in there (going to the DMV to change my license). The government has absolutely no way to report and flag a stolen social security number. It's fucking ridiculous. They could do so much to help prevent ID theft if they did this. Even if they issue you a new number, which is rare, they still have it set up to screw you (check their website, among others). And the police are just about useless in something like this. He took a report, gave me a number, and basically said "sucks to be you. You caused this by leaving your backdoor open for a couple of hours in daylight...etc" So I feel violated by this person and feel like the police are useless in petty crimes. Except it's not so petty to me. I could get really hammered by this if the person is a pro.

Oh, well I have to stop worrying about this. It's making me crazy. I can't wait to go to law school. I want my pro bono work to be identity theft now. Change the freaking laws.

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