Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I always thought I was to insignificant for the universe to pay me any mind

But it seriously looks as if it's out to get me. In the past 3 months, more bad stuff has happened to me or around me than the past 2 years. Some, I don't want to discuss here. It sucks, it's over with and I am movin' on.

Then there is the purse thing. Jackass cuts the screen door, walks into MY house while I am there and proceeds to steal from me. I feel unsafe, violated, paranoid, and disappointed. Mainly, I hate that some jackass can poison me on the neighborhood that 24 hours prior to the incident, I loved. Because we know it was someone in the neighborhood. All the charges were in the neighborhood (that we caught). And there are a couple of other reasons.

In my heart, I know this neighborhood is still safe (though I am much more careful than I used to be). Or at least I hope it is.

And then there is my financial aid problems. Not with the school. I am getting a sort of a bridge loan to deal with a lot of costs associated with purchasing this house, moving, and a few other things to clear up. We could do without it, but it saves us a lot of interest payments and allowed us to invest more equity in the home. But now I having spent hours (ahhhh, orientation for freshman, would that I knew) getting everything together, only to learn today that I can't do it the way normal students (including all other professional and graduate students) would. I have to do it the way the Law School has decided to set it up. Which means hours and hours of the past week (I had to do it twice with the purse stealing thing) have been completely wasted and the whole process is hung up until I get registered by them. Why so close to the start of the school year, why not a wee bit earlier? They may have perfectly valid reasons, but I don't understand them. I can handle this stuff myself, I am an adult. I am capable of walking to the appropriate office, get the forms, sign them, send them, etc. Well, I am if I know the right procedure (hrumph).

Not to mention getting all new ID with very little to bring with me. Just gotta love the DMV. Which I still haven't gotten yet, because they keep sending me away to another office. Or asking for other documentation. I finally got the student ID replaced first, since it constituted another picture ID.

Not to mention sending certified letters to freeze my credit report. And now I need to get a credit report every 3 months over the next year to make sure no one is screwing with my credit.

Not to mention the gas leak that cropped up or the water leak or the garage issue or the lack of a bed because of a door issue or the lack of the dishwasher because of a too crowded living room issue. Then there were the bruises from falling the last 3 steps of my backdoor because my dog ran after a cat. Or the shower head falling off and hitting me square on the head when I was bending over to pick up the soap (I had to say that). You wouldn't think those things would hurt, and you would be wrong. Or the falling over a box in the middle of a night, because the damn thing wasn't there earlier.

I give up. If I knew where to go to surrender, I'd be there in seconds. But they would probably refer me to another office b/c of ID issues.


Anonymous said...

All this before school even starts! You have my sympathies. I hope that this is swept away with the excitement of starting school rather than being compounded by the stress of starting school.

Quirky said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry that all this is going on with you, and I definitely understand that feeling of lost security. I remember feeling so angry and helpless and scared all at the same time. I hope that things start looking up.