Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Too busy to really write. I have been out of internet and computer contact for a while now. Will be again for another 2 weeks.

- We moved and it didn't completely suck
- We are not even close to unpacked
- My husband is a genius when it comes to rigging anything
- I hate having to work my butt off knowing that I won't be doing this come September
- I am flat broke with all the moving expenses and other expenses that have come up
- I forgot that dealing with financial aid cuts a big chunk out of the day
- I really don't like Dell and I don't like being forced to buy a computer that I don't want or need
- It seems like the minute I get busy that is the excuse I need to stop exercising and eating right

Another eventful week.


Anonymous said...
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Quirky said...

Congrats on the move. Hopefully things will settle down a bit for you - or at least even out.