Saturday, January 23, 2010

My reflections...only my reflections

I love that Cindy McCain stood up for gay rights. Civil rights are not a party issue. The right for two people who love each other to bind their union is a basic right, in my opinion. The only good thing, again in my opinion, that Dick Cheney ever said was his support for marriage for gay couples. And I was angry the day that Obama said that marriage was for a man and a woman.

It is hard for me to listen to politicians. The rhetoric and empty phrases makes me pull out my hair. And then the whole legislative process, grand standing, creation of complicated bills, and the sloppy logic sickens me.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I believe that government should have to balance its budget. I believe that waste of any kind, when it comes to taxpayers money, should be gleaned from any budget measures. I believe that education, health care and social services should be given much greater funding than currently. I believe that the states should have control on spending the money for these programs and the freedom to be as creative as possible because of the different demographics.

This is what I want. An efficiently run government where budgets are audited, bills are closely monitored for crap, and there exist people in politics that care about something more than their hair and reelection. I want to see more community involvement in social problems. I want people to understand that every child that is failed by the educational system is a problem for ALL of us. I want parents held accountable and teachers given the freedom to be as creative as needed to educate children. I want people to understand that everything is connected, that when your neighbor goes bankrupt because of medical bills and has his/her home foreclosed, guess who's property values are going to go down. I want people to realize that the farmer that sprays the crap out of his/her land because that's the way it's done creates water problems for everyone else. I want people to realize that run away budgets in government causes other countries to become nervous about the stability of our economy potentially leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. I want people to realize that when unions negotiate for everything they can get without thinking about the survival of the company and, therefore, the survival of jobs, that affects everyone. I want people to realize that no accountability in corporations and corporate boardrooms leads to an "I am God" complex, which leads to all kinds of crap. And I would love for people to understand that alternative energy is a damn good thing if it means we never, ever have to be dependent on foreign oil again.


I am just angry. Angry that the teabaggers have simplified all of the arguments to the point of being completely ridiculous. Angry that Pelosi doesn't seem interested in talking about health care in real terms. Angry that the Republicans are refusing to offer real solutions and instead point fingers at the Democrats. That even with a majority, the Democrats are still a bunch of whiny people that can't seem to stay on point.

And now I am disillusioned.

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