Friday, January 22, 2010

No pictures yet...but wanna hear about the MPEP?

Panic is beginning to set in.

On another note, I am feeling depressed, fat, ugly, and like a complete failure. This to shall pass. And I know it will pass faster if I exercise, meditate, and work on visualization. All of which is very hard for me because none of that is habit yet.

On another note, I dropped all of my potentially fun classes.

Never mind, I will try blogging again tomorrow. See if I might have better outlook.


Virgin In The Volcano said...

I prescribe Cheeze-its and beer. I know it's not the healthiest or most logical response to a bad day or two, but let's not kid ourselves--we're law students, we've got self-destructive tendencies down pat!

Eliza said...

Cheeze-its and beer it is!