Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter, winter, winter

Many years ago, after moving from the south, I got to see my first major snow storm. My fascination with snow ended with it. People tell me "Get outside, take up a snow-related sport, you will love it."

Downhill skiing - not rich enough and not close enough to any real skiing to make the effort.

Cross-country skiing - went around in a circle for a while. Meh.

Broom ball - terrified of all the really good players. They will take you out.

Ice skating - ironically, I kind of like it, but only when it's inside.

Hockey - see broom ball.

Curling - can't get over the laugh factor on that one.

Snowshoeing - I think I will just wait until Spring to go hiking.

Okay, so I am a complainer. I am sure that given enough time and effort, one of these would end up being a winter must have. But since my future winters (after this one) will be in the "OMG it's cold...at 40 degrees" I have run out of time. So I will spend the rest of my winter walking very slowly through snow and ice, praying I don't fall yet again, cursing the weather, feeling righteous in my cursing the weather, and refuse to have anything to do with snow unless it involves a free trip to Aspen or Tahoe. Just wait until I start bitching about the heat. I am real good at that.

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Virgin In The Volcano said...

Screw it. Only people who grew up with bad weather and can't find a way out of it tell you that winter is good. I'm from Los Angeles where the weather is godly, and as soon as this law school gig is over, I'm going right back!