Friday, March 30, 2007

First entry, new start

I am starting fresh. I am going to law school.

Quick introduction:
I am a research scientist in microbiology/ecosystem ecology that is tired of research, never liked teaching, and wants out of academia in a big way. Well, what I decided requires me to go back to school. When I grow up, I want to be a patent attorney. After speaking to a number of patent attorneys, this field seems interesting and challenging allowing me to stay in science, in a way, without ever having to do bench science again.

So what I want from this blog is not just personal ranting. I also want to use it to discuss political issues, legal issues (such as copyrights and fanfic), and the whole law school process. I have enjoyed reading many blogs about the law school experience, but many of them still feel like I am reading the thoughts of undergraduates. Not a bad thing, but I want more depth and understanding of the educational process. If I have to hear one more time about professors being lazy because they use the Socratic method, I will simply scream. Very few students understand or bother to understand what goes into any class preparation. The Socratic method seems difficult to prepare for because of continuous mapping of directions. So the next time you are whining about your lazy professors, why don't you at least bother to get off your own butt and check out what the professor does on a daily basis.