Sunday, January 2, 2011

That Empty Feeling

There are days I love my job and a few days when I wonder what the hell possessed me. Last week was really slow and then I got monstrously sick (the hurling kind). So this week was a not so lovefest. About three weeks ago it was a fabulous week.

Still slow, having a hard time getting through assignments. But I came across an interesting
word - Sprezzatura. It's an Italian word that means “to hide conscious effort and appear to accomplish difficult actions with casual nonchalance." The way to make an impression at work is to adopt the attitude of sprezzatura.

How do you do this? Making it look easy means over-prepping. Over-prepping in law is keeping up with case law after hours, reading the bulletins on the Federal Register (that, my friend, takes a chunk of time), and noting the types of assignments I am getting to create a master list of what is required for the repeaters (and keeping track of the unusuals too). In sum, to learn everything possible to be able to pull what I did a few weeks ago. In discussing a client and a patent application, I mentioned a program at the PTO the others were unfamiliar with. After some digging, I put together a way for the client to be a part of this program and the client liked it. Not bad for me, the slow one :)

Off to finish a really old assignment. Gack.