Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working Through Molasses

Is it possible to repair an impression?

I have found that I am slow. I take forever to get research done. It's a remnant from being a researcher and feeling the need to make sure all avenues are investigated. No one said anything, my hours are fine, but I heard a bit from a secondary source. And so I talked to a couple of people. And sure enough, there is a feeling that I take too long for research.

So now I have to repair my reputation. Is it possible to alter this impression? Any advice would be appreciated.

And I know I am a first year, all first year's are slow, etc. But this is beyond that. At least two people have told me that they were reticent about giving me a project (even though they did) because of the time I take.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's there to say?

I can't talk about the work except in generalities. I am tired most of the time and would prefer to sleep. And I am focusing on losing weight. And taking over the world. Or at least my corner of it.

Eventually, I am going to start posting again. Stay tuned.