Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mother Ship

I am in a fairly small office (approx. 20 attorneys). We have a big office in a different city about 2 hours from here. So periodically I climb into my trusty old American car and head on down the road. And there I find a magical place with soda fountains and other wondrous things. People pay for my lunch as if I was a still in law school, still to be wooed. And I get to look out over the city.

I am so very glad to work in a smaller office. I am sure there are good parts of working in such a large office, but I like my office. I like knowing the people. I like being able to get work from lots of different folks doing lots of different things (okay, ask me if I still like it on days I am bouncing from things I have no clue on). And I like that we are growing but the growth won't keep us from knowing each other.

Don't think I am some Pollyanna that requires working with "family." Nah. I just like seeing people I know. I like knowing who I can go to. I like knowing what people's attitudes are. I suppose I like creating a comfort zone. And I am getting pretty comfortable so let's hope they don't toss me out any time soon.

I thought I would have a huge problem becoming vegetarian. So far, not so much. The few times I have slipped, I pretty much was starving and then only ate a little. I can't get the images of the factory farms out of my head. I don't think I will ever be able to get those images out of my head. I don't mind eating meat. Everything eats something else. But I can't be part of the torture of animals. And no flames please. This is my opinion. And if I haven't said anything about it, I happened to watch a couple of documentaries on food about 2 months ago. I made the decision to stop eating meat. I am still eating eggs (get them from a local farmer) and cheese (I pay attention to the ingredients and origin - happy cows or goats). Vegetables are pretty good.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goals for 2011

I am going to confine my blogging here, where I don't feel constrained to always talk about weight and related shit.

1. Work is going well. I am spending a lot of time on corporate work, but am working into intellectual property. Anyone have any good tips on networking and building relationships with people? I am doing okay, but feel like I need to have a business plan for myself ("The MothaF*** Awesomeness that Is Me Business Plan). The people are still great. I haven't reached the stage where anyone throws off their mask showing the psychopath below (excuse me, I just finished reading Snakes in Suits)

2. The move has been good (except the husband is still not moved yet). I am in Alabama now. The winter...WAS...FREAKIN'...AWESOME!! Minnesota has tons of great things (well, and then there is MB, ew). But an Alabama winter is so lovely. I got snowed in with 3 inches of snow. Yes, fans, you read that right 3 f'ing inches. Heeehehehehe. So awesome. Okay, okay, the summer is the trade off. Weeks of over 100 degree weather. I love the backyard. The dog can run around out back now. No more getting geared up at 4 in the morning because the dog has the shits. Just open the back door.

3. I have a two new goals for the rest of 2011!!!! A 5K in May and a half marathon in October. Slow and steady. I can walk them if need be, but I am going to be much more active this year. Me bones es creaky and I am tired of it. Walking up stairs, if I am with someone, I will jabber about anything to cover the noise of my knees. Sounds like dice. First walk/run is tomorrow. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am starting with 3 days. And 2 more days a week to get strong (well, okay, to be able to use a 5lb weight instead of a 1 lb, and throw in a few lunges and squats). And maybe some yoga for idiots since I am as flexible as a brick.

So do you folks know what a pain in the ass it is to keep up with the changes in the law. Every freakin' day I am hit with a new case I have to take into consideration. I say shenanigans...civil code people, civil code.

Peace out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011