Monday, February 22, 2010

1L grades

I hate it when 1L grades come out. The plaza gets quiet and people look scared. It's demoralizing to see so many vibrant individuals buy that grades are the end all, be all. I wish there was a way to make grades go away. I suppose that's impossible for most schools, how else would we rank you and make you feel bad about yourself (or good, depending on where you fall in the curve).

On another note, I have to control my spending. I think my hubbie is about to blow a gasket on our money issues. It's a terrible thing when I think I deserve that $5 coffee because of how hard I am working. Time to rethink my priorities.


Dennis said...

Yes. They will all be underemployed regardless of grades...buhaha. ;)

And is it really a $5 coffee or a Chichi-mocha-frapa whatsit? I find that calling it a "dessert drink" instead of coffee makes it seem a) less expensive and b) less appealing because it really is an indulgence.

Eliza said...

hum, I like that...a dessert drink. Makes it feel less like my necessary caffeine and more like a sugary thing. Yeah, I can give that up.

God, I feel so sorry for the little guys.

Bob Diamond said...

Great Lawyers are far and few between and many times it is not related to the 1L grades. Pride is hard to overcome though.

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