Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks reminded me why I hate some classes

This post at Thanks, But No Thanks, reminded me that I have become a complete curmudgeon.

Here is why: I am tired of everyone's opinion. I know, I know. Civil discourse leads to bright lights, or something to that effect. But I am so tired of everyone's opinion. Yo, bleeding heart, yes, people are oppressed. But babbling about it over and over with no discussion of how to deal with the problem in a way that isn't "here, let's give over complete control to the oppressed for a while and see what happens" isn't a solution. Why? Because you are never getting that one by the oppressor. May be a good idea, I have no idea. But can we at least shine the light of practicality over your head for a bit.

And you, Republican die-hard conservative that believes your lily-white ass is the oppressed, I got news for you, no. Tell me about all of your experiences of being followed in a store by security or having your bag searched because they suspected you. Or how about even just the amount of time the police/ambulance took to get to your home. Oh wait, you are just pissed that there is a thing called minority scholarships. You didn't raise a fuss over legacies. You didn't freak out when supposedly neutral golf scholarships were available (undergrad..the photo board looked exactly like you would think, Tiger Woods or no Tiger Woods). And stop your bitchin' because according to your predictions, pretty soon you are going to be in the minority and will be able to take advantage of said scholarship.

Oh, and you..."That Kid." Read one more passage out of the book and I will throw mine at you. Guess what, I may not look athletic, but I have always had a helluva arm. And stop asking me theory Q's after class. (Pointing at self) 3L...DON'T CARE about your take on things. You may be bright, but since you seem to only care about the sound of your voice, no speeky the english.

Wow, I can't believe that came out. I thought I was amused in my class by the goings-on. Apparently, I have been very very pissed off for about 5 weeks. Huh, who knew.

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