Friday, February 19, 2010

No sense of fashion what so ever

I should have been an engineer. I have absolutely no sense of fashion...or dressing myself in a way that says "hey, I give a crap about what I wear." Even when I am trying to express that. Even when I try, something is always missing. I had to have a second set of my makeup at work because I would completely forget to put it on in the morning. Or accessories of any kind. I got the suit down, sort of. I grabbed the wrong jacket one day. Yeah, dressing disasters happen to me all the time. Especially stains. My DH banned white pants and tried shirts for me. I actually attract spaghetti sauce, even when there appears to be none in the vicinity.

And yet, through the '80s I could really put a neon outfit together. Very into makeup, accessories. WHAT HAPPENED??? I am sitting in my living room in my zip-up, old man sweater with the pockets, jeans that don't fit (like fall down baggy, where did I get these?), and a t-shirt that has seen better days. I WORE THIS TO SCHOOL. GACK, I am feeling that there really is no hope. I need serious professional help.


JD-Maybe said...

This is so funny because this morning I was getting dressed and I thought about how i always said if i had money id be more fashionable. The truth is if i really cared id find fashionable clothes at a reasonable price, that is what a lot of people do, right? I just suck at it...bottom line.

Eliza said...

LOL. I know. Half the time I miss when I cared and the other half of the time I look at how much time it takes and think "I don't care that much."

I miss 80's neon. Once I am 60, I swear, I am wearing any damn thing I want.