Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

In light of the New Year, 2009...good-bye 2008, I hate's ya...I am making resolutions. And much like ImNobody, I want resolutions that are concrete, real. I have thought about this for a week now and I now I think I have the ones I want.

1. Exercise aerobically everyday, for at least 15 minutes...and housework counts. I can do anything physical, I just have to get it in every day. And do not take the easy way. Walk to a further bus stop, take stairs, take breaks to cross the river periodically.

2. Two to three times a week do strength training of some kind. Start with pushups, my core exercises and a few other weight exercises.

3. I want to eat real food, slow food for at least 3/4 of all meals each week. That means that I have to plan out the week for cooking, do it simply (pull out the slow cooker for beans and stews). I want to stop treating my body like a garbage dump. I love food, I love to cook. There is no reason that law school should stop this. Get back to steel cut oatmeal with walnuts and berries. Real cream in my coffee. Slow cooked dried black beans with coriander, onion, and mint.

4. Be the one that is not busy. I love the philosophy but haven't been able to quite internalize it. This year I will spend more effort to this end. The one that is not busy is the one that is able to focus be it work, play, or anything. And not only focus, but shift focus relatively easily between tasks, etc.

That's a lot, but it's all things that are important to me.

Wish me luck and good luck for the New Year to every one.

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