Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weekend

Yes, I bitch about working but I love the law school on weekends in the summer. There is no one here. I love the quiet, going into the student rec room. No one playing pool or watching tv or playing video games. Just an empty room where I can spread out my stuff and work in the silence. And honestly, the best part? The absolute best part is that there are no intense pre-lawyers discussing the import of Marbury v. Madison, contracts, torts, etc. No equally intense, but even less inviting, person discussing their GPA in the abstract or their awesome new summer job or whatever else the most arrogant asshats discuss in front of an audience. Or bemoaning their workload, etc. I love the silence.

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Just Trying said...

Not to dwell on things that occured 2 years ago but any insight on that sunrse sunset clock?

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