Sunday, August 31, 2008

ADD, Procrastination, it all comes down to don't wanna

Read for class, read for class, read for class.

After years of struggling with disorder, chaos, and a brain that jumps from subject to subject, I was finally diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. At the time, the guy I was working with said it will be a long time to implement strategies to combat all of the issues that come with ADD. Mainly procrastination and a really odd sense of time. Oh, and let's not forget lack of time management skills.

Well, that was 3 years ago. And so far, the best I can say is I take my medication some of the time and I have a label for why I can't seem to put my keys in the same place no matter how much I remind myself. Which means I have to go back to my initial system of post-it notes. Which annoys everyone. My post it system is basically I place post it notes reminding myself to do things. I mean everything from brush my teeth to take my pill. It's onerous but it does work. But I feel self-conscious when anyone comes over and sees these things. It's like being a kid that can't be trusted to do their homework.

I have to get a better system for getting and staying organized, put things like keys in the same place, discipline myself to clean when I want to watch tv, work when I want to do nothing. It's weird. I know that everyone struggles with working when they aren't motivated. I feel silly bitching about this and people who don't understand it are going to look rather skeptically at this. Because there really are many times when I feel like I am moving through mud and I can't make myself do the things I need to do, even simple things. I hate this. I am getting better and I actually have Law School to thank for that, but I wish it wasn't such a struggle.

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JD-Maybe said...

My co worker has a severe case of ADD and she has every single annoying symptom. I see her struggle and I try really hard to help her, she also takes her meds sporadically. But in case it makes you feel better I am just plain absent minded and I have post its everywhere...So don't worry, you gotta do what you gotta do. I do recommend you take ur meds regularly tho.