Friday, August 29, 2008

Not going to freak out

But what exactly is wrong with me. I don't think I can handle much more rejection. I mean, I have a Ph.D., extensive experience in chemistry, biotechnology, and published papers, and I don't think I come off as a jackass (according to multiple mock interviews). So what is the problem. Okay, my grades aren't great, but for the love of goddess, does that matter so much in the grand scheme of things. I can talk to inventors, I can understand them, and, again, I am NOT AN IDIOT. Why does the equivalent of two weeks worth of law school (exams over 1st year) negate 15 years of work experience, managing people, managing a lab, managing large grants, and all of my other experiences????

And this is what has to happen:
1. Some how I have to find a job for second summer. That is an absolute must.

2. I can't take all of this personally. If people chose to not see me as a great opportunity for their firm, that's their problem. I do not know what basis they are rejecting me on, but it really is their loss.

3. My self-worth is not tied into my grades, my interviews, or my job. There has to be a way to make myself believe this.

4. I can defeat procrastination. Be consistent, be aware, and keep up with my goals. Remember, behavior goals, not vague "I'm going to change goals."

5. Punch the next person that talks about their 10 job offers as being the worst thing that ever happened to them. A guy, go for the nads. A girl, right in the sternum.

6. JUST STOP TALKING TO THE PEOPLE THAT ARE CONSTANTLY BRAGGING ABOUT LAW REVIEW, JOB INTERVIEWS, AND JOB OFFERS. It is amazing what people turn into during OCI and after the journals announce. I just wish that I had not seen this side of the students that I actually like. I know this will fade and once we graduate, hopefully they will be able to see that behaving like an insensitive idiot was not a good thing.

I just want a job, is that so bad?

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